The Diplomatic Mission
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The Diplomatic Mission

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The United Nations is described as a standing вышестоящая Diplomatic Conference. It is a worldwide association of states which sign the Charter of United States and follow преследует its purposes and agree to act in accordance with в соответствии с its principles. The principles are the following: to maintain сохранить international peace and security, to take measures for the prevention and removal устранение of threats to the peace; suppress пресекать the acts of aggression; to develop friendly relations among nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and self-determination самоопределение of peoples; to achieve international cooperation in solving international problems of a economic, social, cultural, humanitarian characters; to promote продвигать and encourage поощрять respect for human rights and fundamental основные принципы freedoms for all without distinction разграничение as to race, sex, language or religion. The UN is based on the principles of the sovereign equality суверенное равенство of all its members. All members settle their international disputes by peaceful means.

The Diplomatic Relation

The main objective задача of any state in its relations with other states is to direct and influence these relations for its own maximum advantage. The basis of diplomacy is communication of thoughts – and ideas – between the governments of states. Diplomatic relations in general can only be conducted indirectly and an ambassador is indispensable ответственный for this purpose. Diplomatic relations between states may be established установиться by friendly contracts of any firm between their governments. Diplomatic Relations consisted of the following:

1. representing the sending state аккредитующее государство in the receiving state принимающее государство;

2. protecting защищать in the receiving state the interests of the sending state and its nationals, within the limits permitted допустимый by international law;

3. negotiating вести переговоры with the government o the receiving state;

4. promoting содействовать friendly relations between the sending state and the receiving state, and developing their economic, cultural and scientific relations.

The Diplomatic Mission

A diplomatic mission consists of a diplomatic representative duly nominated должным образом назначенный by one state and accepts by another and established in the diplomatic capital of the state.

A diplomatic mission consists of the following functions: the head of mission, chancery, political work, administration and coordination, secretarial and archives, security, communications and other technical services, local staff, accounts, commercial section, consular section, press and information section, military, naval, air and other specialist services.

The term “diplomatic agent”, which formerly раньше referred относиться only to the head of a mission, now includes the members of the mission. “The members of the diplomatic staff” are not only members of diplomatic service, but also attaches, advisers, members of other ministers provided with diplomatic rank.

The formulation of the diplomatic policy of a mission is a major responsibility of the head of mission. He is assisted by his principal advisers – the heads of the various sections of his mission. The diplomatic policy of a mission defines определять the intercourse отношения between the countries.

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